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Ministry Cohort


God gave Pastors Marvin and Veda McCoy the vision to help establish Judah Christian Center Church with the help of ministry friends and colleagues and formed what was known as the Ministry Inception Cohort Group.  He called the group together in early February 2004, to begin the planning of the first worship service, scheduled for Easter Sunday, April 11, 2004.  Because the church had worship services in the evenings, this arrangement allowed these people to aid in the planting of the church without leaving their home churches.  In addition to faithfully supporting the worship services, the MICG gave monetary contributions, aided in managing the church's affairs, participated in the worship service and helped to facilitate the early outreach ministry activities of the church.  After eight months, in October 2004, they were officially recognized and given commemorative plaques in honor of their service to the ministry.  They will forever be a part of Judah's history. 

The members of the Judah Christian Center Church Ministry Inception Cohort Group are as follows:

  • Elder Vikki Johnson

  • Mr. Trent Bishop, Sr.

  • Mrs. Bonita Bishop

  • Ministers Carl Jackson

  • Evangelist Lisa N. Jackson

  • Minister Bobby Dunmore

  • Deacon William Cannady

  • Deacon Morris Heard

  • Mrs. Debra Heard

  • Minister Kevin L. Wilkins, Sr.

  • Mrs. Valerie Wilkins

  • Mr. Nigel Pierce

  • Mrs. Joanne Pierce

  • Mr. Rodney Cole

  • Mrs. Degeta Cole

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